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The Grand Crucible

Epic Fantasy

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Golden Dragons, Gilded Age

The Grand Crucible , #1

The Dark Elves and their savage black dragons have been defeated. Emotes wield the only magic left in the world, the ability to heal those they care for. Gold dragons ensure that the peace that has lasted for hundreds of years continues to endure. A youthful princess regards the tranquil age a boring one offering no chance of valor, so she escapes her kingdom to scout in the forest of the Red Elves. A knight turned bounty hunter, who’s never lost a fight, finds himself the target of a plot hatched by desperate young twins. A brooding half-elf, summoned by an old friend to the fort she commands, harbors a deep love and hides a harrowing secret. Thankfully for those in peaceful Taulus who dream of conflict, the Dark Elves are not dwelling idly in their swamp prison. The evil stirring in the east threatens all beyond their swamp’s borders—restless princess, gallant bounty hunter, clever twins, and troubled half-elf alike.

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